Due to inherent dynamic nature of cloud computing environment now it is possible to use a cloud provider’s API to create not only an application’s initial composition onto virtual machines, but also how it scales and evolves to accommodate workload changes. As result, the ability to program an application architecture dynamically puts enormous power in the hands of developers with a commensurate amount of responsibility. To use cloud computing most effectively, a developer must also be an architect, and that architect needs to be able to create a self-monitoring and self-expanding application. The developer/architect needs to understand and follow the new architectural patterns. When this power is well understood and harnessed, the results can be spectacular.

In order to facilitate efforts in building cloud-enabled applications we providing following services:

  • Consulting

    Based on our strong experience in developing and deploying scalable web application in cloud computing environment we can provide best practices and HOW-TOs.
  • Architecture design

    In order to fully utilize all power of cloud computing it is important to make right decisions at the beginning. As an example of right architectural choices, can be considered story of Animoto’s mashup tool that creates a video from a set of images and music. The company’s application scaled from 50 to 3,500 servers in just three days due in part to an architecture that allowed it to scale easily.
  • Application deployment and management

    The standard deployment object in the cloud computing environment – is a virtual machine image. Based on our strong experience we can manage all tasks from selecting appropriate OS environment to providing necessary native scripts, which intended to perform customer’s application automatic deployment and maintenance in cloud computing environment.
  • Application development

    With acquired knowledge of internal routines in cloud computing environment and with clear understanding of design patterns, allowing application to fully utilize all available resources, we providing software outsourcing service for our customers, who is willing to bring new edge of computer technology into their products and to considerably reduce time-to-market expenses. We have solid experience in software outsourcing business with about a decade of continuous service for our customers around the globe.

The New York Times needed to convert 11 million articles and images in its archive (from 1851 to 1980) to PDF. Their Internal IT said it would take them seven weeks. In the meantime, one developer using 100 Amazon EC2 simple Web service interface instances running Hadoop (an open-source implementation similar to MapReduce) completed the job in 24 hours for less than $300.

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  • IT Efficiency - Minimize costs

    where companies are converting their IT costs from capital expenses to operating expenses through technologies such as virtualization. Cloud computing begins as a way to improve infrastructure resource deployment and utilization, but fully exploiting this infrastructure eventually leads to a new application development model.
  • Business Agility - Maximize return

    using IT as a competitive weapon through rapid time to market, integrated application stacks, instant machine image deployment, and petascale parallel programming. Cloud computing is embraced as a critical way to revolutionize time to service. But inevitably these services must be built on equally innovative rapid-deployment-infrastructure models.
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